Celebrovsky, Pilar

Interim Spanish Government has declined to submit control to Congress of Deputies (the lower house) since the current parliament is not formed by the deputies elected in 2011, expound the Popular Party.
Given the  uncommon and strikking circumstance, Congress President, Patxi Lopez, supported by the rest of the parties –except Popular- decided to bring the matter to Constitutional Court as they consider the situation as a lack of respect for the institution.

However, this is not the first time that Popular Party refuses to answer questions. Indeed, during its mandate, the party led by Mariano Rajoy, could get away with it for more than one hundred times since they had majority in the Congress. Popular-Party’s stance is one of rebelliousness and disrespect not only for democracy but also for the Spaniards; they are civil servants and yet not dare to leave empty their seat.

Since the elections took place in December last year, Spanish parties have been unable to create a new government. The Socialist Party, the second-largest-party in the country, failed twice to form a government after Popular Party declined to do so. The Socialists have until May 2th to try to form a coalition government; their failure will trigger another election.



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