Celebrovsky, Pilar

As a child, parents usually advise us not to speak unless we can improve the silence. Clearly, Mr. Trump skipped that lesson. After Paris terror attacks, Donald Trump stepped out saying that such terrible situation would have been different if French people were allowed to carry guns with them. Unfortunately, what happened in Orlando, Florida, a few days ago proved Mr. Trump was, and actually is, deeply wrong.

First of all, having such scary amount of guns on the street is nothing but alarming, and if you add to the picture how easy is to get armed, well, the situation just gets worse. Seemingly, American regulation regarding guns is made so everybody can defend and protet what is theirs. Nonetheless, figures show that more than this self-defence concept, is the favourite device the ‘bad guys’ used to commit their attacks, and even worse, there is no way to control those who purchase guns. Indeed, American Government has issued that 91% of people included in a ‘watch list’ could get a weapon with no restriction, actually, being watched by authorities is not sufficient reason to prohibit having a handgun.

But Trump’s repertoire has just started, no sooner had the authorities alleged the linked between Mateen and ISIS, that the presumptive Republican presidential candidate claimed the attack was a good reason to restrain immigration to the U.S. from diverse areas in the world that could represent a threat for the Americans.

Here he makes two unacceptable mistakes for a White House’s candidate. He generalises, showing the Muslim community as the bad apples and lumping them together, that being totally disrespectful and intolerant because, contrary to Trump’s belief, ‘the bad guys’ are just a minority. Of course, he will not notice the good ones.
Not to mention that with such demagogue speech Trump is doing nothing but encouraging hatred among Americans in his attempt to gain votes. However, people should be clever enough to realise that spreading xenophobia across the country does not make them better than the one called ‘the enemy to defeat’.



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