Celebrovsky, Pilar

Europe is facing its most decisive week, never before two ballots have been as relevant as the British and the Spanish ones. Both countries are in the spotlight following the election results.

Tomorrow, Britons are called to vote so as to decide whether they stay or leave the European Union. Being the consequences irreversible if the option ‘leave’ wins. For instance, Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission, has made its stance quite clear: ‘out means out’, claimed the politician, closing the door to a hypothetical renegotiation once Britons decided to separate from the EU.

In just thEU flagsree words, Mr. Juncker implies the high cost British people would pay if Brexit succeeds. First of all, trade agreements would not be longer valid and the process to negotiate from scratch with every single country is expected to take roughly two years.  Not to mention the international effect the British – EU divorce would have, striking a blow at fighting terrorism, spreading nationalism across the continent and on the top of that, many experts picture a gloomy view, reducing growth economy by more than 5%, that’s just to name a few.

It is time to move to Spain, though, on Sunday 26th, Spaniards will be voting for the second time in less than nine months. Polls suggest the Popular Party would be the most voted one, closely followed by “Unidos Podemos”, being behind them the Socialists and “Ciudadanos”. However, none of them would have the required majority to form a government, in order words, a coalition government would be needed in order to lead the country and comply with EU requests. The politico-economic union has already demanded for new budget cuts (even if the President-in-Office insists on denying such thing), and depending the election results Europe’s petitions might not be pleased; hence the uncertainty surrounding the situation.

In all events, it will not be until next week when we will know how the European Union deals with a likely new game board whose pieces may not be the same.



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