Celebrovsky, Pilar

Lewis Hamilton: the King is claiming its crown

The British is back and today he has proved so at his home. Forgotten are the unfortunate days Lewis had at the beginning of the season, he is back and ready to beat his team-mate, Nico Rosberg. Lewis has turned the tables on the German and the booing has been quite loudly on the podium. Formula 1 takes a break for one week but will be back in Hungary, where the drivers standings may come out with a change of leader.




Formula one’s futures is Dutch

Max Verstappen did it again. The Dutch has offered another recital, beating Rosberg on the first laps, and then putting pressure on the German on the final turns. Red Bull made the best decision ever by promoting the Dutchman. Ricciardo would better wake up and show a bit more the talent we do know he has.

Charlie Whiting, the spoilsport

It is well-known the obsession Mr. Whiting has on security. However, there is a difference between hazardous conditions and a wet track. Everybody knows the English weather, in Silverstone there are races almost every week and rain does not usually stop them. So what is the point of killing the fun when all the drivers are asking for the safety car to leave? If FIA’s aim is to get more fans, starting after the safety car is not the best advertising.

Ferrari does need a miracle

The Italian outfit is miles away from the laureate team it was once. Seemingly, having two world champion drivers in the team it is not enough to get back to the higher place on the podium. Seeing a Ferrari struggling to overtake a Force India just gives an image of what to expect. The ugly truth is that the Italian team success is on others failures rather than on their own improvements.



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