I am sad. I cannot be happy because today Spanish Government failed. And by that I am not saying the Catalan politicians did not do it wrong, but they never crossed the line of violence, the State did. How can I feel proud of a government that sends hundreds of police officer just to shut down the Catalans when I see that old man being hit only for voting?
That is having no respect. There is something Spanish Government has not learnt, well, the right-wing of this country has not; and it is that Catalonia has evolved, the others, however, remain stuck in a regime based in fear and threat. Because they did threat Catalonia days before and they justify the use of violence based on an ‘illegal referendum’. However, in 2006, Mariano Rajoy asked for a referendum to validate the ‘Estatut’, back then a referendum was legal.

Young lady voting in Catalonia

This right-party has done nothing but use the law at his convenience. Not only regarding referendum, but also in all the corruption cases that are being investigated and in which the Popular Party is involved.

Today I feel proud of Catalan people, of their bravery, as well as the Catalan Police, because they refused violence. The rest of stakeholders only produce me a huge shame.

The world saw the repression of the Spanish Government today. That will hunt them forever because violence will never win.



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